Swiss Banks

Opening a personal or corporate account

  The most important, and often difficult, operation is to open a bank account. If you cannot open an account, it may be useless to form a company.
  Furthermore, the expenses incurred and the time spent are scarcely taken into consideration in the selling price of the offered companies, which makes it impossible to open an account. Before opening the account, the information required by the banks must be provided, for any illicit activities will be rejected, in accordance with the anti-laundering act.
  Our experience and our relations with banks will enable us to introduce you to the bank most suitable to your needs, without losing time.
  Some countries have bank secrecy, other countries have low corporate taxes.
    Our advice
The choice of the place where you will open the account depends on your initial situation, which we can analyse for you. In any event, you should not purchase a company without making sure that a bank account can be opened.

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