Change of Domicile

Except for real estate properties, which are taxed at their place of location, assets are taxed at the beneficial owner's domicile. It is recommended to select a place of residence where that person really feels like living. We can make an accurate tax impact assessment and help you find a residence in the most popular countries :


Tax systems are quite different from one place to the other. In some cantons, there are no inheritance taxes on direct descendants, and taxes are low on individuals.

We will help you get :

  • a work permit for profitable activities,
  • a residence permit for retired people, with an interesting lump-sum taxation.

  • Great Britain

    Taxation is quite reasonable for people who do not intend to settle down definitely.


    There is no tax on wealth in Luxembourg.

    Our advice
    Each case being different from the other, you are kindly requested to contact us in order to make a prior calculation and avoid any future issues with the country of origin.

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