Company Formation

In Switzerland

Switzerland offers many advantages to companies effectively carrying out a business :

  • Possibility to get work permits for citizens of the European Community,
  • Reduced taxes if business is almost exclusively carried out abroad,
  • Efficient banking services,
  • Skilled personnel.

    The most usual types of companies are :

  • Limited companies (société anonyme, S.A.) (the name of the beneficial owner does not appear on the Companies Register),
  • Limited liability companies (société à responsabilité limitée, Sàrl) (no anonymity).

  • You can select your tax status - ancillary company, service company, holding company, branch.

    Our advice
    Before forming the company, it is recommended to ask for an expert opinion, for the 35% withholding tax on dividend distributions is to be taken into account.

    In Great Britain

    Great Britain has no reduced tax system. However, in the event the company's business is not carried out in the territory, many opportunities are available. The "limited" company is the most appropriate.

    Our advice
    In order to comply with law and avoid adverse tax effects in the country of domicile, a previous study is recommended.

    Other countries and offshore locations

    Several "offshore" jurisdictions are available. Nowadays, these countries are less popular for commercial activities due to the exotic image they carry.

    Our advice
    An expert opinion is indispensible on the consequences of using such a structure.

    Réussir la création d'une entreprise en Suisse : les clés du succès



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